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Rental Property Manager v3.00

Top 10 changes:

  1. Bank Accounts
  2. Payees
  3. Owners
  4. Additional reports including Owner reports
  5. Property units
  6. Significant performance improvements with large numbers of properties
  7. Check cancellation
  8. Windows 10 compatibility
  9. Additional customisation and filtering for grids
  10. Additional user options, including manual currency format

All changes:

  • Added (Sold Properties) filter to properties page
  • single dates now work in date period reports
  • Changed overdue colour to light red
  • Added profit & loss reports
  • Added Owners reports
  • Report tidy up
  • Owners
  • Clearly mark 'Save Payee' and 'Charge to Tenant' as unticked when adding expense.
  • Fix for 'When entering income for a tenant and clicking on OK, the enter income window opens up again automatically showing a different tenant.'
  • Fix for units disappearing on new properties
  • additional validation when saving tenants
  • Make backups more robust
  • Fix 'Either Amount Due or Amount Paid must be entered'
  • Fix "Tenant name and address is not showing up in Tenant field when adding income."
  • Contacts category combo now goes to the right Options page.
  • Fix recurring income/expense
  • fix saving contacts
  • fix saving tenants
  • Added validation for popup windows
  • Can enter new Units in Tenant window
  • Fix error printing receipt
  • Test fix for report exporting
  • Fix error editing payments
  • Fix for editing property tenant detail
  • Fix error when saving tenant without a unit
  • Added currency options
  • Date filters now include the end date
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Choose date due of earliest unpaid items
  • Can no longer minimise report designer
  • Tenant income sorted in descending date order
  • Include Property name when selecting Tenant in Add income dialog
  • Tab key now moves to OK and Cancel buttons in popup windows
  • Added [Add Log] buttons to Tenant, Property and contact pages
  • Added Cancel check button to Income and Bank Accounts
  • Speeds up opening of payments
  • Allow hiding reports
  • Speed fixes when changing Income filter
  • Added option to lock grid layout
  • Email contact list
  • Allow multiselect properties
  • Changes to sending emails
  • Added multi select Add Monies Due
  • Added property units
  • Add option to rename Tenancy to lease
  • Add data boxes for Date moved in and Date moved out.
  • Add option to remove the review date column from the pop up view rent rates window.
  • Income page changes.
  • show/hide payments
  • Added Income/Bank Account description
  • Added Rent End date
  • Added Save Payee to Bank Items;
  • Added date filters to income, expense and bank accounts
  • Fix for adding recurring items to inactive tenants
  • Added Unit filtering
  • Can add reports to Property and Tenant dropdopwns by using FilterProperty and FilterTenant into the report description
  • When creating a recuring income or expense, the first item is always shown even if not due
  • When creating a new tenant, the first rent item is always shown even if not due
  • Tenant income grid now has a balance column
  • Added Income Category filtering
  • Added Expense Category filtering
  • Calculate rent now calculates recurring items in advance
  • Added Tenancy End countdown column
  • Added Default Tenancy Period option
  • Added Bank Accounts